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My name is Shana Rae.... mom to three wonderful kids. Sophie Lu, my beautiful 10 year old daughter from China... Oliver, my fun loving 8 year old son from Guatemala, and Sasha Lili, my sweet 6 year old baby girl. Three summers ago, my husband Michael and I decided to move our family across the country (from Los Angeles are to a little town outside of Nashville, TN). We were looking for a new place to raise our children... somewhere the air was clean and the people were wholesome. We bought a beautiful house in an equestrian neighborhood on a quiet tree lined street.... but I soon discovered that living in the country wouldn't solve all of my problems.  Plagued by fear, worry, and the stress of a successful business, I sought solitude in the farm across the street and found peace in my time spent with a big, beautiful Friesian horse that needed my attention as much as I needed his.  And so began my love for horses.  ♥

We now have 10 horses, but our third horse, Willow was my soul horse...  Her life and her death brought miracles and gifts to my life including a renewed and strengthened faith... The Velvet Willow blog is about love and healing (both Willow's and mine) and our journey together. ♥

This blog Dreamer and Hope) is about a lost, neglected lamb wandering on a busy road outside a church and how she found her way into our barn and especially into my heart.

A little about my business (Florabella Collection)...
My passion for photography began in 2005 during a trip to China to adopt our daughter Sophie Lu. I was so in awe of her beauty and the sweet little things she did, that it was hard to put my camera down. I decided to become serious about it in 2007 when I started learning the technical side of photography (although I still don't always follow the rules). Sophie was a willing model until she turned 4 (now I have to bribe her), so it was then that I started experimenting with florals and using textures to transform them in Photoshop. Soon, I began creating my own textures and eventually started the Florabella Collection  (Photoshop Actions & digital resources for photographers) which has been a successful and fun creative outlet. I've been fortunate to have been noticed by several publishers who have licensed my floral & equine images for cards and wall art. I am very grateful to have found a hobby and business that I love so much.

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